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Vistazos Listening Comprehension

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Libro Vistazos Listening Comprehension

This new Beginning Spanish text is a brief version of the successful ¿Sabías que…?, perfectly designed for those programs that are interested in an innovative task-based approach but whose curriculum necessitates a briefer text.

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Número de páginas: 416


  • Bill Vanpatten
  • James F. Lee
  • Terry L. Ballman


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Libro Oplang Method: Spanish Level 1 (Audio eBook Enhanced Edition)

This courses teaches Spanish systematically using the following rules: 1. Only one word is introduced each lesson (there are a couple of exceptions, and the reasons are explained in the course). 2. Each new words must be used in every new word, new sentence and dialogue created in that lesson. 3. All words need to be repeated multiple times in subsequent lessons to ensure constant revision. Audio is built into the course, with over 400 audio files embedded (check supporting devices) This course systematically teaches 100 Spanish words. Knowing 100 of the most common Spanish words can help you ...

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The Workbook / Laboratory Manual, Volume 1, provides a wealth of activities, both aural and written, that reinforce chapter content. For use with either the Audio CD Program, Part 1, available for student purchase, or with the free, downloadable MP3 files in the Online Learning Center. Covers Chapters Primeros pasos –- Chapter 9 Answers found in the appendix.

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