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Cuando Alguien Muy Especial Muere

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Libro Cuando Alguien Muy Especial Muere

A licensed clinical social worker utilizes art therapy to help youngsters deal with the death of a loved one, exploring the concept of death, grief, and the feelings children experience when someone special dies. (Psychology & Self-Help)

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Tñitulo Secundario : Los Ni'os Pueden Aprender a Enfrentar la Adversided

Cantidad de páginas 40


  • Marge Eaton Heegaard


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Libro Próxima parada: México (Next Stop: Mexico)

Welcome to Mexico! From the various animals to the warm desert, readers are invited to explore all aspects of this beautiful country in this delightful, Spanish-translated nonfiction title. Using informational text in conjunction with vibrant photos, maps, and charts, readers will be engaged from beginning to end!

La Biblia Para los Preescolares

Libro La Biblia Para los Preescolares

Spanish Language Edition A Special Bible for the Pre-reading Years THE PRESCHOOLERS BIBLE - Builds a delight in Bible learning for 3s through 5s - All the important values will come to focus in this simple Bible - Builds your child's life and character through Bible truth - The next step up from The Toddlers Bible. Don't miss it! Has your child delighted in The Toddler's Bible? Now is the time to make the next step. Move up to The Preschoolers Bible, for 3s through 5s. This is a delight to read, rich with character-building values for that vital pre-reading age.-V. Gilbert Beers

Louis Pasteur

Libro Louis Pasteur

Follows the life and career of the French scientist who proved the existence of germs and their connection with diseases.

Sistemas solares: Planetas, estrellas y órbitas

Libro Sistemas solares: Planetas, estrellas y órbitas

Our closest solar system is about 10 light years away. It has two main types of planets. Some are rocky and small, like planet Earth, while others are huge balls of gas, like Jupiter. Learn about how astronomers once thought our solar system was the one and only, to how they have now discovered hundreds of stars with planets orbiting them, which means there could be billions of solar systems in outer space! Just maybe, these alien worlds could host life, like our own amazing planet. This book allows students to use observations of the Sun, moon, and stars to describe patterns that can be...

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