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La historia de los sistemas numéricos: Valor posicional (The History of Number Systems: Place Value)

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Libro La historia de los sistemas numéricos: Valor posicional (The History of Number Systems: Place Value)

Learn the history of number systems with this engaging Spanish book! This text combines mathematics and literacy skills, and uses practical, real-world examples of problem solving to teach math and language arts content. Students will learn place value while reading about the number systems of the Egyptians and Romans, and also learn important vocabulary terms like cuneiform, binary systems, roman numerals, and more! The full-color images, math charts, and practice problems make learning math easy and fun. The table of contents, glossary, and index will further understanding of math and reading concepts. The Math Talk problems and Explore Math sidebars provide additional learning opportunities while developing students’ higher-order thinking skills.

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  • Gabriel Esmay


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