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The art of pleasing yourself

Libro The art of pleasing yourself

This is a book about self-help and a little bit about seduction, because all my works have something of this world. That's why it can be used as a self-help book or as a seduction book. Undoubtedly, what it will help you the most is to:: Respect yourself. Protect yourself from harmful people. Do life the way you want to do it, without inferences from bad and interested people. Laugh at yourself and laugh with the book because it has touches of humor. Thanks to the experience that I have captured here you will learn how to: Seduce difficult women. Transform your current self into your ideal...

¡Basta de ser buen chico! Sé un chico malo.

Libro ¡Basta de ser buen chico! Sé un chico malo.

Este es el libro para ti si eres ese buen amigo de la chica que te gusta y que ella nunca te hace caso. Tu qué quieres dejar de ser eso y convertirte en un hombre irresistible. Es un libro que te enseñará seducción desde la base y que muestra las bondades de los chicos malos. No quiero que haya más chicos así: atentos, bondadosos, sufridores, fracasados. Coge la riendas de tu vida y convierte que en aquello que deseas ser. Un chico muy muy malo. Foto Diego Sanchez

JD Method

Libro JD Method

After a lot of practice and a lot of reading about seduction, I wanted to share my own seduction method. You will be able to use it and reach the hundreds of girls I have seduced.

The life of the shameless and charming seducer

Libro The life of the shameless and charming seducer

The life of the shameless and charming seducer is for my taste the best of lives. A life free of ties, seducing and flowing at your own pace. In this book I tell you how this life is and how you can also carry it out, for this I explain seduction techniques that I use both to flirt, as to take the girls to bed. I analyze real interactions and give the keys to succeed with girls. It is a book to break with everything and become a real seducer.